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2017-2018 HDJ Athletic
Boosters Information Packet
Manpower and Team Parent
Meeting Agenda's and Minutes

Minutes - June, 2017

Agenda - August, /2017

Minutes - August, 2017

Agenda - September, 2017

Minutes - September, 2017

Agenda - October, 2017

Agenda - November, 2017

Agenda - December 2017

Minutes - December 2017

Agenda - January 2018

Agenda - February 2018

Agenda - March 2018

Agenda - April 2018

Each year the H.D. Jacobs Athletic Boosters Club awards four $1000 scholarships to
Jacobs senior athletes.  Originally the Boosters awarded 2 scholarships a year but
expanded that to 4 scholarships starting in 2007.  Scholarships are awarded to 2 male
and 2 female athletes.  Athletes must fill out an application and write an application
essay to apply for consideration.  Applications are available in the Athletic Office at the

2017   Jack Nickoley, Steve Bellefontaine, Rachel Holstein, Maggie Grady
2016   Bryan Giannone, Kailash Panchapakesan, Mikaela Thomas, Jacqueline O'Connor
2015   Lauren VanVlierbergen, Alison Riedel, Kevin Searle, Josh Younker   
2014   Timothy Hubner, William Castellano, Emma Nikoley, Dena Kontos
2013   Thomas Galagher, Ryan Ross, Megan Elliot, Emily Alessio
2012   Gregory Mixon, Ryne Quinlan, Aleta Wurfel, Lauren Grady
2010   Brook Frederiksen, Hailey Cnota, Ben Albano, Brandon Richman
2009   Aimee Nielan, Caitlyn Quitschau, Ricky Ames, Nicholas Pankau
2008   Kasey Cavanaugh, Amanda Platt, Tim Constant, David Klemmer
2007   Jeremy Camacho, Michael Kettler,Mairead Cory, Lindsay Brackett
2006   Klaudia Kulpa, Jerad Hynning
2005   Patrick Keller, Lyndsey Olsen
2004   Lisa Ballard, Scott Allen
2003   Brian Nutt, Jamie Towne
2002   Matt Black, Katie Dulmage
2001   Sarah Hall, Dave Aggen
2000   Becky Pagan, Cliff Houpe, Bill Soukup
1999   Laura Spaulding, Tom Green
1998   Sarah Mueller, Doug Dietsche
Click HERE to view/print the H.D. Jacobs Athletic Boosters Club By-Laws